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Hietakari-Yhtymä Oy

Hietakari -Yhtymä Oy is a Finnish company which has been producing bathroom furniture for over a quarter of a century.

Our customers are hardware stores and interior decoration stores, specialist stores and construction companies. Our main market is Finland. In recent years, we have expanded our operations to other Nordic countries, the Baltic states, and Russia. 

Hietakari -Yhtymä Oy and its subsidiaries employ a total of almost fifty shower area fixture professionals. We design and manufacture all of our fixtures ourselves. Each year, we produce approximately 100,000 fixtures.

Mūsų filosofija

The shower area is one of the most challenging details in space design. The space reserved for a bathroom is often small, meaning that the shower area must be accommodated within a very small area. In spite of this, the shower enclosure must be functional and its interior has to be as spacious as possible. Shower area fixtures are also part of interior decoration. The shape and the shade of the panel and metal parts can have a significant impact on the look of the bathroom.

Each bathroom is unique in terms of its dimensions and shape, and there are as many preferences when it comes to interior design as there are bathroom users. In this case, the real challenge is to provide shower area fixtures for bathrooms so that the customer would not need to compromise on their requirements in terms of dimensioning, design or colour scheme.  

We offer an extensive range of standard and customized products, which help to make each shower area practical and decorative. Our extensive range is manufactured in a cost-effective way, in the form of serial production. This so-called mass customization principle has been successfully applied in several industries. As the end result, our customer receives exactly the solution they needed for the area, both in terms of dimensions and shape, and at that, everything at affordable prices, which is one of the benefits of mass production.  

A shower area is typically a heavily used and humid place. Therefore, the solution requires special properties, enabling the product to be as long-lasting as possible. And so, based on our many years of experience, we design all of the technical details ourselves. Similarly, we manufacture all of the products in our own factory. The technology found in our products is CE approved and includes a ten-year guarantee.


We offer a particularly wide range of standard products for every shower area is practical and decorative solved.



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