Express 847 (811x813)

Shower enclosure with a fixed wall and hinged door

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Express 847 (811x813)

Shower enclosure with a fixed wall and hinged door

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The profiles mounted to the edges of the panel are manufactured of aluminium. The surface is anodized in grey tones. Profiles are sandblasted before anodization, so that the surface is as smooth as possible and there will be no fingerprints.

The fittings used in the product, like square foot and brace bars, are chrome plated brass alloy.

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1: Express 847 (811x813)


0,00 €

2: Express 811 Shower enclosure fixed screen
Grey anodized/Transparent/L1=505 x 1900

811 81 0048

198,00 €

3: Express 813 Shower enclosure folding door
Grey anodized/Transparent/L2=695 x 1900

813 81 0067

319,00 €

4:     Magnet seal pair

900 RL 0002

20,00 €



537,01 €

Taking into account the adjustment ranges, the installation dimensions of the selected combination are:

- Side L1 : 505mm - 525mm

- Side L2 : 695mm - 710mm

Installation dimensions mean the location of the outermost side of the wall mountedprofile on the building wall measured from the corner of the shower area. The width of the side of the wall mountedprofile placed against the building wall is 22mm. The dimensions may deviate from the declared values if the adjustment range must be used to level the tilt of the walls. Note! The parts of the shower enclosure may also be installed in the opposite direction than presented in the layout.