Fenic 315

Hinged shower screen with a fixed part

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10-year warranty

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Fenic 315

Hinged shower screen with a fixed part

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The profiles mounted to the edges of the panel are manufactured of aluminium. The white (RAL 9010) and black (RAL 9005) surface treatment options are manufactured by powder coating. Grey and glossy are anodized coatings. Profiles are sandblasted before anodization, so that the surface is as smooth as possible and there will be no fingerprints.

The fittings used in the product, like square foot and brace bars, are chrome plated brass alloy.


White painted (In image)
Bright anodized
Grey anodized
Black painted

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Product code


1: Fenic 315


0,00 €

2: Fenic 314/315 Shower screen fixed part
White painted/Transparent/A=417 x 2000

314 61 0042

257,50 €

3: Fenic 315 Shower screen folding part
White painted/Transparent/B=511 x 2000

315 61 1051

367,50 €



625,00 €

The total width of the selected product is:

- - At its narrowest: 928mm

-- At its widest: 948mm

Dimensions may deviate from the declared values if adjustment tolerance must be used to level the tilt of the building’s walls.